Relationship is the language of the universe!
What is it?
Relationality is the measure of relationship between two or more things.
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  • Let’s Not Go Back To Normal

    Horatio Spafford’s four little girls lost at sea, with a telegram his wife Elizabeth sent to tell him of the loss.

    When we moved to the USA in 2009 our son was enrolled in middle school in the Peninsula School District. He went all the way through High School in the same district in western Washington. The two schools he was part of would regularly send recorded notifications by e-mail and phone, each message ended with the same phrase: “Safety

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  • Finding a Life Driven Purpose

    Someone once said that there is a solution to every problem that is simple, neat, and wrong .
    We live in an age of ideological and sentimental driven social thinking and mass action. We’ve grown up convinced that if an idea can’t fit into a soundbite it’s not worth thinking about. That is simple, it is neat, it makes it easy to sell ad space for box cereal and prescription meds between the soundbites of misinformation; and it is very very
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  • Philippians 2:5-11 - The Poem

    Recently in a sermon I read a rendition I wrote of Paul's poem from Philippians 2:5-11.

    This small piece of scripture was written as a poem and should, I think, be read as one:


    “5 Think like Jesus thought:

    6 He was every bit God

            But regarded it not

    7  He made himself nothing 

            Lowering His voice, Abandoning choice

    8 He made Himself into a man

            Becoming a slave, He stooped to the grave 

                By the shame and the

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  • Character vs Policy

    melany rochester 777850 unsplash

    Establishing healthy political views is like establishing a healthy diet; It’s not easy. It’s more expensive to eat healthy, a healthy diet requires a lot of reading and filtering; filtering out bad info from good, filtering out bad ingredients from good. It means more preparation and planning and a change in taste.
    It was a lot easier to eat healthy a few hundred years ago, because there wasn’t much else to choose from. Fake foods were yet to be invented.

    The same principle

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  • The Greatest Love of All

    photo 1509062522246 3755977927d7

    Whitney Houston's song The Greatest Love of All is one of those songs that pervades the zeitgeist, almost subconsciously.
    I'd like to bring it to a conscious level in this post and think about the opening lines; do we really believe these words?

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  • Turn Your News Feed into a News Feed

    tinh khuong 1095740 unsplash

    If you are anything like me you get really annoyed at the lack of news in your news feed. What you have instead of a news feed is partizan political pontification at best, and downright dirty lies at worst. Sadly that is the state of affairs in the media today.

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  • Boundaries in Book Choices

    BoundariesUsually, when evaluating a book, it’s enough to weigh up pros and cons and decide whether or not to read it. But in this case, I’d like to go a little further because of two things: Firstly, the topic the book seeks to address is so central to the truth of Scripture, and secondly, the book does such tremendous damage to that central truth.

    Boundaries 2

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  • Little Things make a Big Difference

    toa heftiba 510010 unsplash

    You've all heard it said "do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

    As parents we teach our children this virtue normally around the aspect of sharing and being kind to others.

    As we put this into practice we soon realize that this is a win-win situation because most often as you treat others correctly, with courtesy and even go out of your way to be nice, you feel good inside and often people treat you in

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  • Wholeness

    photo 1462715412043 8d09205be605

    How is it that we produce mass-school shooters, drug addicts, gangbangers, serial rapists, and pedofiles in the first world in the 21st century? 

    We are living in a time obsessed with health, yet we are probably the least healthy group of generations in the history of humankind. What we call ‘health’ is a strange mashup of disparate pieces of individual humanity, as if a whole human is merely the sum of all of her parts.
    The truth is that a

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  • The Born Contradiction

    jason leung 370358

    Max Born Max Born, the subject of the Google Doodle today, was born this day, December 11th 1882. He was of a group of distinguished and extremely influential physicists who developed the formative thought for what we know today as Quantum Mechanics.

    Besides physics, Born stretched his considerable intellect into other fields also. Ethics was a favorite of his.

    In 1954 during a lecture on Statistical Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics he said this:  I believe that ideas such as absolute certitude,

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