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Recently in a sermon I read a rendition I wrote of Paul's poem from Philippians 2:5-11.

This small piece of scripture was written as a poem and should, I think, be read as one:


“5 Think like Jesus thought:

6 He was every bit God

        But regarded it not

7  He made himself nothing 

        Lowering His voice, Abandoning choice

8 He made Himself into a man

        Becoming a slave, He stooped to the grave 

            By the shame and the pain of a cross

9 So God lifted Him up

        Right to the top

            And He gave Him The NAME

                And the Greatest of Fame

11 That all will proclaim 

        and loudly exclaim “Jesus Christ! The Lord Overcame! 

    All my shame, all my blame, all my pain!”

        And they glorify God

They’re amazed and they’re awed!”


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Establishing healthy political views is like establishing a healthy diet; It’s not easy. It’s more expensive to eat healthy, a healthy diet requires a lot of reading and filtering; filtering out bad info from good, filtering out bad ingredients from good. It means more preparation and planning and a change in taste.
It was a lot easier to eat healthy a few hundred years ago, because there wasn’t much else to choose from. Fake foods were yet to be invented.

The same principle is true for politics in a democratic society. We have become addicted to a sugar-diet of policy politics built on policy promises. Despite the fact that politicians who win races on their policies seldom fulfill election promises we keep reaching for that idealism high we get from knowing we didn’t vote for the “other guy” with the "other policies". Whether or not our candidate has good character has become a vague after thought.
And so we are easily manipulated by spin and "dirt" dug up on the opposition is believed completely with very little objective thinking.
It's hardly a surprise that we have become so polarized politically, our high-fructose policy politics is the auto-immune disease of society.

tinh khuong 1095740 unsplash

If you are anything like me you get really annoyed at the lack of news in your news feed. What you have instead of a news feed is partizan political pontification at best, and downright dirty lies at worst. Sadly that is the state of affairs in the media today.

photo 1509062522246 3755977927d7

Whitney Houston's song The Greatest Love of All is one of those songs that pervades the zeitgeist, almost subconsciously.
I'd like to bring it to a conscious level in this post and think about the opening lines; do we really believe these words?

BoundariesUsually, when evaluating a book, it’s enough to weigh up pros and cons and decide whether or not to read it. But in this case, I’d like to go a little further because of two things: Firstly, the topic the book seeks to address is so central to the truth of Scripture, and secondly, the book does such tremendous damage to that central truth.

Boundaries 2

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  Riley Egge — Hey Alan, love the review and I totally agree. I think that this is yet again another example of the radical middle. It's very dangerous to preach a counter correction gospel. We are constantly counter correcting, causing the pendulum to swing further and further. Is marriage not also a picture of t......


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