Though the gates of hell prevail,
And if you feel your heart will fail,
And though you’re sure you’ve failed the test,
Rest soldier, rest.

Even though your death seems sure,
Despite your search you find no cure,
And quickly though the fears infest,
Rest soldier, rest.

You cannot always set your face,
Adrenaline can’t set the pace.
And though you’ve done your utter best,
Rest soldier, rest.

Your brokenness and your defeat,
Is nothing if not incomplete,
a broken shell, an empty nest,
Rest soldier, rest.

The little bits of death you taste,
Prove in you what Christ has faced,
Lend victory to your final quest,
So rest soldier, rest.

And once you’ve given everything,
All you need your God will bring,
There’s nothing more you can invest,
All that’s left to do; is rest.