David, King of Israel, was a contrarian all through his life, this series highlights his vision and his willingness to go against the flow. I have chosen 21 moments in the Bible’s record of David’s life where our translators have chosen the words “but David…” to contrast David’s actions against those around him, and to reveal his genius for the unconventional:

1 David’s Responsibility
2 David’s Courage
3 David’s Agility
4 David’s Humility
5 David’s Sensability
6 David’s Honesty
7 David’s Wisdom
8 David’s Intelligence
9 David’s Love
10 David’s Cunning
11 David’s Profound sense of Authority
12 David’s Foresight
13 David’s Relationship with God
14 David’s Resolution
15 David’s Humanity
16 David’s Sincerity
17 David’s Strategy
18 David’s Disgusting Sin
19 David’s Integrity
20 David’s Submission
21 David’s Father Failures

David was an extraordinary example of a man. He was a fragile warrior with almost legendary fighting skill, he was a strategist, diplomat and leader; but David was also vividly transparent, he had that extraordinary ability to be extremely cunning, even in his old age, and yet he maintained an open heart and a supple forgiveness all through his life. David was a both wise and foolish, fearful and insanely brave.
But David is not a contradiction, he proves that these two extremes are not mutually exclusive.

The Hebrew of David’s day did not leave authors with a lot of choice for conjunctions, the one used in almost every case in the texts I have chosen could equally be translated “and David”, “with David”, “therefore David”, “since David”; to name a few. But our modern translators have very wisely chosen to use “but David”.
But David… highlights for us the. reader. the alternative route David so often took. It brought him a lot of trouble and it exposed his glaring weaknesses, but it also earned him his most famous title, “a man after God’s own heart,” and it shows us that it is God, not Fortune, who favors the brave.

May David’s strength inspire you and may you learn from his faults.


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