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If you are anything like me you get really annoyed at the lack of news in your news feed. What you have instead of a news feed is partizan political pontification at best, and downright dirty lies at worst. Sadly that is the state of affairs in the media today.

And if the wife of the US President wears high heals, or if someone named Clinton sneezes in a strange way, or the Attorney General does something or other then the actual news gets buried in an avalanche of highly charged deceit and opinion dressed up as news to make you think that it actually means something significant. And frankly I'm just sick of it!
I have tried adjusting the tuning of my Google news feed. I've gone from 'less politics' to 'no politics' and still my news feed remains constipated with festering political waste.

Well today I stumbled upon a solution, a news feed laxative, allowing real news to surface and then to move through my news feed in a regular, easily digested manner, and I'm feeling just great :)

Would you like to know my secret?... Here it is:

  1. Login to Google and go to https://news.google.com.
  2. Google will lay before you a pre-chewed selection of what they think you should be reading about in the world today.
    The Headlines will each contain a topic and 5 or 6 sources on that topic with an invite to "View Full Coverage".
    Under that will be another headline with the same kind of arrangement.
    You will find that there are news sources you don't like or that you don't trust that are constantly thrust in your face, and topics you would hardly think of as headline material. 
  3. Pick the offender source and click on the More button, like this:
    Screen Shot 2018 11 09 at 6.18.19 PM
  4. Then select "Hide stories from ..." 

Poof, like magic the blockage is removed and that publisher does not feature any more on your news feed. 

Do this enough times and the real headlines begin to emerge, the world at large, the actually news becomes visible again. And you will feel so much better with life. Go one further, switch off your TV news, your late night drivel dressed up as humor news, the early morning shock marketing for medicine dressed up as news; get rid or your cable.

Now, here's the real power; if enough of us do this then, guess what. Those pundits of party politics, those trash publishers, those mulch mungers, will either have to change from agenda driven power brokers back into journalists or they will go out of business. And either of those will be good for us all.
We could start a non-political movement, an un-politic. Turning our backs on the whole rotten stinkfest of media politics.

Personally I don't really care if that happens or not, because I have a news feed again, and that's all I really wanted in the first place.