Recently in a sermon I read a rendition I wrote of Paul's poem from Philippians 2:5-11.

This small piece of scripture was written as a poem and should, I think, be read as one:


“5 Think like Jesus thought:

6 He was every bit God

        But regarded it not

7  He made himself nothing 

        Lowering His voice, Abandoning choice

8 He made Himself into a man

        Becoming a slave, He stooped to the grave 

            By the shame and the pain of a cross

9 So God lifted Him up

        Right to the top

            And He gave Him The NAME

                And the Greatest of Fame

11 That all will proclaim 

        and loudly exclaim “Jesus Christ! The Lord Overcame! 

    All my shame, all my blame, all my pain!”

        And they glorify God

They’re amazed and they’re awed!”