Pessimist followed by Selfish followed by Cynical followed by Idealist generations in an ongoing cycle. Sociological manifestations of a 2500 year old spiritual conspiracy. Could this actually be happening? Are you conscious of it?

Paul was very conscious of it: Ephesians 6:12 “For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.

Right now a new “Silent” generation is being born in the midst of the world economic and political crisis. Someone will come up with a name for them when they are in their 20?s or so, and after them another selfish generation will come. We know, because of Daniel, what this generation’s propensities will be. Can we be selfless enough to set them up for success, to cause our children to see beyond the devil’s schemes, and to instill in them a vision worthy of their calling?
Only in Christ can we hope to do so, and only when a generation of believers sees this and begins to overcome it will we see the Church conquer it’s denominational divides and forget the petty squabbles over land.

When you first see the generational bondage life becomes a little like playing mine sweep with all the flags switched on. You can see things coming, you know how to act and how others will react, individually and generationally. You begin to use the mind of Christ.
But be careful, because you also are susceptible to the influence of your own generation: Is your conservative outlook a result of God’s conservatism or your generation’s? Is your liberty the result of Christ’s freedom or your generation’s misguided beliefs? Is your idealism a result of Biblical truth or your stoic generation? Are you cynical because life has taught you to be so or are you prepared to adopt the mind of Christ?

Don’t allow yourself to fall prey to the trap laid for every man: Finding a little piece of The Truth in your generational preconceptions and then believing that it is all of The Truth. Don’t do it! We will never reach the unity of the Faith that way.

The ethics, warnings and instructions of the New Testament ought to be all the more plain and life giving in the light of Daniel’s revelation and the current human condition. John’s Revelation comes into very clear focus through the lens of Daniel’s predictions.
This is not information that is there to enrich or entertain us, it is there for us to deliver God’s Kingdom of light into a broken and darkened world.