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I remember CS Lewis once making the distinction between motives of possession. A teddybear may belong to a child, but not in every sense. It is his to cuddle and command; but it is not his to tear to pieces if he wishes.

The same principle is true for scripture, it is given to us, and to no one else, but with limits. Our position of scripture is part of the biblical ethic, and it comes with respect to its author. We don't own God's Word to do with as we wish.
Although we know this to be true in one biblical literary type, Prophecy, it’s as if these rules of hermeneutics have somehow been suspended. We are in need of re-adhering to sound hermeneutics again when it comes to Biblical Prophecy. Prophecy is not ours to do with as we please.

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  Layne Reading — I agree with your statement about International Obscurity in prophecy. The heart of prophesy is to know him better, anything about the future is almost secondary, hence relationality....
  Layne Reading — First comment is one the prophetic word to Peter. Interesting that Jesus also didn't talk about how John would die or warn him that he would be boiled in oil and not die....

It’s amazing to me that the Church has always been redeemed from within. This is constant throughout its history and I can’t think of another movement for which this is true.

The Hebrew revolution was started by a Hebrew and his Hebrew disciples. You might try and make a case that the Christian Church has nothing to do with the Old Testament, but the Old Testament itself would prove your wrong without much effort. The corrupt Medieval Church was overthrown by churchmen like Tindale and Luther. The printing revolution started with the printing of the bible, not some other manifesto.
All through its history there have been excesses, errors and travesties committed by the Church equalled only by its awakenings, corrections and revolutions all started from within the same body.


This is an Easter story for little people.

I claim to follow Christ, which is something empirical purists would argue. Following is active, merely listening is passive, and very often I find that I am no longer following Christ but merely listening to Him.

It seems pretty clear that something more is going on in the world today. Wars breakout with Twitter support, massive earthquakes are a regular occurrence, storms and floods, tsunamis, tornados, fires and record heat and cold. What’s going on and what should we do about it?


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