There seems to me to be a forced division between science and faith based systems of thought. I think there is a lot more overlap than each camp’s fundamentalists will grant. Each side wants to replace the other’s term with “Fiction”. But the truth is that theories require faith, even proved ones; and faith requires reason, especially real faith.

Though the gates of hell prevail,
And if you feel your heart will fail,
And though you’re sure you’ve failed the test,
Rest soldier, rest.

Martin Heidegger said “Philosophizing is to ask the question ‘why are their beings instead of nothing?’


So you're thinking about getting a Captain Morgan tattoo the fold of your left knee; if you asked the opinion of 2,000 of your closest friends, you are going to get a very different answer from them if you asked on Facebook than if you actually sat down with each of them and asked them privately.
That’s the nature of the Social Media beast and you'd better wake up to that fact!

Sex is to marriage what lego is to architecture.