What the philosophers say about reality is often as deceptive as when you see a sign in a second-hand store that reads: Pressing Done Here. If you went in with your clothes to have them pressed you would be fooled; the sign is for sale.” Søren Kierkegaard in “Either/Or”

There is nothing benign about secularist atheism.

Dawkins says, “We can give up belief in God while not losing touch with a treasured heritage.” (The God Delusion)
Really? Now wouldn’t that be lovely?
Does Dawkins propose any examples of this actually happening?

Like poor Frodo Baggins, Daniel first sees the destiny of humanity approach through other people’s dreams, then he has a dream of his own, and then he sees it coming “with his waking eyes“. At the height of these visions all thought of food and drink will leave him, as his visions terrify him.

I sometimes have the question asked of me, “where was God when the Tsunami happened in South East Asia?
What is meant by that question is this, “why didn’t God do something to prevent it? He is God after all.
I think it’s a very valid question, so valid that one way of answering it is this: Would you have even wondered about the whereabouts of God if the tsunami had not happened?