Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins has gotten himself into a bit of a fight with his fellow atheists because he decided to stop all anonymous comments on his blog site. It seems as if it was getting a bit out of hand: Seehere.

I’ve been reading quite a lot recently about miracles; most of what I am hearing and reading I do not agree with. Now usually I am happy to leave it alone, after all these are my sisters and brothers who’s understanding of scripture I am criticising, and I am very interested in maintaining our unity.
But I feel convicted to raise some points about Faith and expectations when it comes to miracles.

I bought myself a Citizen Eco-Drive watch. It’s great, I’m really happy with it; it looks good, it’s waterproof; but I bought it because it will never need a battery replacement or a wind-up.
It’s powered very successfully, by the sun or artificial light – that was important because I live in Seattle.

Newton’s famous third law of motion, the law of reciprocal actions, states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is true in physics, and physics, as we have always known, is all about relationships.
But it is also true in personal relationships, and the more intimate the relationship, the more profound the action and reaction.