Einstein once said, “only daring speculation can lead us further, and not accumulation of facts.” It seems he was wrong, data is leading us further; but where is it leading us to?

Richard Dawkins has a view that the thousands of creatures who suffer and die every minute of every day is an indication that the universe is ungoverned – ie: there cannot be any god because of all the pain.

So I have decided to give up on Dawkins’ book “The God Delusion” on page 122. If anyone can convince me that there is anything actually worth reading in the rest of the book I might give it a go. It really is the kind of book that once you’ve put it down, you find it very hard to pick up again.

It is hard to believe that someone with a professorship can produce something so utterly mindless, (perhaps it was just really rushed). It is badly researched, but it’s the lack of plain thinking that really gets to me.

Doom and gloom predictions threaten to swamp us.

The sea will rise by 10m by next Tuesday, food will become so expensive that people will die by the millions, mosquitoes will thrive while bees will die, a natural part of global warming will be global cooling, etc, etc.

Pessimist followed by Selfish followed by Cynical followed by Idealist generations in an ongoing cycle. Sociological manifestations of a 2500 year old spiritual conspiracy. Could this actually be happening? Are you conscious of it?