The Space Bible
project is going to be 9 volumes of The Bible narrative set in space.
The idea is to bring the truth of Bible stories into the minds and imaginations of children of all ages. They are designed to accurately depict the whole Bible narrative. They are great for story time, and as gifts and class prizes for early and reluctant readers, and for comic book enthusiasts of all ages.

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Project Structure

I thought it would be good to do one panel a week and have them published in a weekly Christian magazine to fund the development, then when there were enough of them, publish them into a graphic novel of 50 to 80 pages each. But I am open to ideas and suggestions. The graphic novels would be divided into 3 sets of 3 volumes each 50 to 80 pages:

Set 1 Covenant:

  1. Shepherds - Abraham to Joseph 
  2. Priests - Moses to end of Judges 
  3. Kings - Samuel to David

Set 2 Conflict:

  1. Prophets - Pre exile 
  2. Slaves - Post exile 
  3. Christ - Gospels - culminating in the Resurrection 

Set 3 Conquer:

  1. Apostles - Acts and Letters 
  2. Revealers - John, Paul and Peter 
  3. Origins - Genesis 1 to Abraham, I'd like to end at the beginning. It would be great to deal with the origins of the Universe in comic art, not just earth.

The Graphic Novels

In about 2003 I was watching Disney's Treasure Planet with my son Daniel; my wife Meg and I had just taken over a growing Children's Ministry of about 200 kids in a church in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I was captured by the idea of telling a familiar story in a future setting.

Closeup1aI was captured by the idea of telling a familiar story in a future setting. How accessible and accurate the story can remain, and yet how intriguing the new setting is.
I started telling bible stories set in a future context: Jephtah, for example, had made is base on a lonely little planet far from the Israel system. The planet of Israel was attacked by the Ammonites, a vastly techno-superior race. Jephtah was recruited to lead Israel to victory.
I found that I could bring references back into the stories that are otherwise culturally difficult to explain: Like walls around cities for example; The universe is easy to describe as both dangerous and techno-savy enough to have force-fields around cities that open in the day and close at night. I could describe races of aliens excluded from God's covenant with Israel... and I could get the men out of long dresses! Men in long dresses are always a problem for bible stories in these centuries.
It also really works to set the scale of the adventure.

From those stories I began to imagine a Graphic Novel of the bible set in the future. And that is what I plan to accomplish.

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